Friday, April 14, 2006

The "Hot" Teacher Syndrome

Pop Quiz......What do all of the women below have in common?

  • A: All are aspiring actresses?
  • B: All are successful models?
  • C: All are school teachers who had sex with their underage male students.


Pamela RogersDebra Lafave

If you chose "C", congratulations. All of the women above are not actresses or models, but school teachers. They are in the order pictured above: Sandra "Beth" Geisel (who allegedly had sex with a 16yr old male student), Pamela Rogers (who allegedly had sex with a 13yr old male student), and finally Debra Lafave (who allegedly had sex with a 14yr old male student).

What is it with these women? Is it just me? Or do these women all appear attractive enough to pretty much have their pick of men their own age? Has pedophilia suddenly come into vogue now? A few questions come to mind:

  • Where were these women when I was but a wee lad? (Just kidding....well, sort of).
  • If these teachers were all male and their victims underage females, how far UNDER the jail would we put them?
  • What is it about our society that has brought this type of thing to the forefront?

The first couple of questions are pretty easy. These young women weren't even born yet when I would have be "eligible" for "extra credit" in their class. As for "how far under the jail" would they be if they were men......think of the movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth".

The third question is a little more difficult to get to the bottom of. I think the roots of what's going on in our society is the tremendous influence of "humanism" in our culture over the past 40-50 years.

Humanism is something that I actually know a little about. I received my B.S. Degree in Human Services back in 1980. For those of you unfamiliar with the degree, it's essentially entails taking a lot of Socially and Psychology classes.

After spending most of my college career taking these classes, studying the various theories and so forth, I became convinced that the vast majority of what was being taught to me was a big load of crap. It's nothing more than a bunch of theory that makes excuses for anything and everything in your life. I was taught that nothing was my fault, that it was because of my parents, my environment, my socio-economic status, my genetic make-up, the alignment of the stars, but certainly it wasn't my fault.

Thank God....I didn't fall for this utter nonsense. I was born, but I wasn't born yesterday. Even at the young and impressionable age that I was, I had better sense than that. The kudos for that goes to my grandmother who raised me from the time I was 2 years old, until she died when I was 13. Because of the good common sense that she taught me and the fact that I was pretty much on my own at thirteen, allowed me to grow up faster than most kids did back then.

I count my blessings everyday that I was so fortunate. The other students in my class were eating this stuff up as if they were Irish Setters doing an Alpo commercial for the Tonight Show. I've got a feeling that a LOT of people during the last several decades got the same "indoctrination" that I did. Thus, the world seems to be slowly "going to Hell in a handbasket" as the old saying goes.

I say "seems" because it's still not too late. Each of us needs to "call a spade a spade" when we observe the nonsense around us and all the lame excuses made by those who don't wish to bear the responsibility of their own actions or even those of strangers. Until we do that and hold others responsible for their actions, the creep into the handbasket will continue. All it takes is the courage to speak your convictions.

You do remember having convictions, right?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Media Savvy Mexicans in Dallas?

Media Savvy Mexicans in Dallas?

I'll give them credit, they're learing how to play the media and those in this country who are sitting on the fence (oops...) about the issue and haven't made up their mind yet.

The video footage that I've seen thus far has shown a lot more U.S. Flags and a lot fewer Mexican flags thus far. It's good to know that the media consultants assigned to this protest are on the ball this time, unlike the slackers at the last round of protests.