Friday, August 18, 2006

With "Friends" like the French, Who Needs Enemies?

If it weren't so important and so dangerous, it would almost be laughable. I'm not sure that we silly Americans (at least those in the Bush State Department) will ever learn what is so blatantly obvious to those of us with a memory. The French simply cannot be trusted. The State Department should simply state publicly that the French are no longer considered as an "ally" and declare them as enemies of the United States government and it's people.

I mean really..........How many times do we have to be the objects of French duplicity before we finally get it through our heads that these guys are not only cowards, but liars as well? I for one have thought this for many years. The first time I realized that we could no longer depend on the French was in 1986 when President Reagan asked permission to use French airspace to attack Moammar Quadaffi in Lybia. I like many Americans who were paying attention at the time was infuriated that they would refuse such a request. We should have put a stop to their nonsense right then and there, but alas I wasn't consulted on the matter.

The latest example of French deception is their involvement and deception in bringing about UN Resolution 1701. Like all the other resolutions, going back 28 years, this one is a total farce, thanks in large part to the French. If anything, the hopes for a strong and stable Lebanon have evaporated. It's not as if the Lebanese government had much of a chance, with the current bunch of inept cowards who are currently in power, but thanks to the French, the legitimate government of Lebanon is doomed to fail and to be overrun by a bunch of Iranian backed thugs.

Remember how betrayed former Secretary of State Colin Powell felt after the French "snookered" him in the months preceding the Iraq War? Well now Secretary of State Condi Rice has joined the club of State Department personnel who trusted the French, only to find a knife in their back, after being kissed on both cheeks by our "friends" the French.

I for one am sick and tired of their games and if the Bush administration hasn't learned their lesson by now, perhaps they never will. The French are NOT our friends and they can't be trusted. Pure and simple. The sooner we get this through our heads, the better off America will be.