Sunday, September 24, 2006

Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much!

There's no two ways about it.......the man simply "wigged out". This guy is so desperate to salvage his "legacy" that he darn near hyperventilated while being interviewed by Chris Wallace of Fox News.

BTW, it appears that Wallace is now a charter member of the Great Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Congrats Mr. Wallace. I'm sure that you've made Daddy very proud!

Ya know.......the last time I remember seeing Mr. Clinton squirm this much was when he looked into the camera and pointed his finger at all of us a lied like an old, worn out rug from an Arkansas yard sale. It seems quite obvious that the man has a distinctive pattern in this regard. Take note.

If he weren't a former President of the United States, it would almost be comical, but sadly it isn't. If he were so right about what he was saying and the facts backed him up as he contended, then what was the purpose for the emotional implosion? I mean, if you're right and you've got the facts on your side, there is no need for hysteria, right?

Mr. Clinton can point his finger at us and lie to us if he wants, but the facts are clear and as plain as the nose on his face (no insult intended, I mean the man has a real honker on that mug).

The Clinton administration had numerous opportunities to take out Bin Laden and either failed to do so, or in most cases didn't even make the attempt. Of that, there can be no argument, no matter how many times Mr. Clinton loses it on national television.

If you think he's losing it now, wait until Hillary formally announces her candidacy for President and he's forced to defend her publicly. Don King should purchase the rights and make it a Pay-Per-View event on HBO. I for one would pay to see that. You bring the popcorn.