Thursday, May 25, 2006

Peanut Farmer Approves

If you're President of the United States and you want to know if your immigration policy is on "the right path for the nation", there is one simple test. Make sure that former President Jimmy Carter is opposed to your policy, as Carter has never been right on anything.

Carter on Wednesday called the Republican president's commitment to immigration reform "quite admirable," saying he agrees with Bush's support of a system that would eventually grant citizenship to some illegals.

The law should secure the nation's borders while "at the same time treating those who are here with respect and giving them some hope for the future," Carter said.

Carter spoke at the close of a three-day forum of international human rights workers at The Carter Center in Atlanta. Human rights activists from 22 countries attended the forum.

President Bush should stop the merry-go-round and let himself off. The President is wrong on this issue, he always has been and now we have proof positive.